Steep in the Word


I love the simple explanation gives of how to steep coffee. The instructions and ingredients are so simple! All you need to do is put (near boiling) hot water with ground coffee for a period of time and allow the two to “get happy” together to have a good cup of coffee.


We can get really excited about what the end results of the coffee-making process will be. We anticipate how much we will enjoy sipping a tasty cup of our favorite roast and feeling the burst of energy that comes from the caffeine therein. But do we equally anticipate and get excited about being in God’s Word? Does reading the Bible and letting it penetrate the deepest parts of our heart and spirit compel us to jump in?


I think many times we over complicate the idea of spending time in God’s Word. We think we need to seek out a specific topic, read an exhaustive concordance, or do an in-depth word study on the Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew translations of the word “the” just for our quiet time to be effective. This over complication can leave us feeling like we aren’t doing the right things or we can’t grow in God’s Word because we “don’t know how to do it right.”


While word studies, concordances, and topical readings are all good, even great things, God’s Word in its simplest form is powerful and effective! It’s ok to keep it simple! The important thing is to prepare our spirit (get our water near boiling) to soak in His Word (the coffee grounds). Just like the coffee instructions say, put yourself (the near boiling water) in His Word (the coffee grounds). Then allow the two to “get happy” together! Allow God’s Words to change, empower, and sustain you.


The Bereans in Acts 17:11 were great examples of this “...they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day...” We can do that too! Let’s allow the Word of God to penetrate our spirit every day and make us more like Him with great eagerness, excitement, joy, and serenity.

- Brandon Cranor