Everybody Gets A Cup


What is it about coffee that well over 2 billion cups are enjoyed every year around the world? (That is roughly 5,479,452 per day or 228,310 an hour!)

The taste?


The culture surrounding coffee?

(or for so many of us) The jolt of energy?

Who knows… but what I find remarkable is even though there are more faces I do not recognize than recognize on campus, chances are the liquid they are sipping on is the same caffeinated beverage in my cup. In my endeavor to build a friendship with someone new, I haven’t had far to look for common ground. 

I mean, that is pretty much my story. My entrance into the Chi Alpha community started with a leader’s simple gesture of grabbing a cup with me. And in turn, as I began to meet other new students, coffee shops became the doorway into my small group. 

Year after year, this gesture continues. Our group even has a little phrase that encapsulates it with “everybody gets a cup.” If you are new, you may have a hard time getting through our weekly service without someone offering to grab a cup with you. 

Coffee is simple enough to be shared. 

And I love simple… because with so much that can make it difficult to connect, coffee can be an easy bridge to begin a friendship. 

—Ryan Koster

Brandon Cranor