Your Coffee can Change Lives!


So you love coffee and I bet you love Chi Alpha too! As part of Chi Alpha, you get to see you and your friend’s lives impacted each and every week. But did you know that the coffee you drink can be part of that? Chi Alpha’s new Apostoloi coffee is an opportunity for you to support the national movement and impact lives all across this country and around the world!

As I was thinking about how we do discipleship in Chi Alpha, the question popped into my mind, “What is a good way to facilitate this?” The answer that came to me as I was praying and thinking about it was coffee. I can’t count how many friends and students I know that enjoy coffee. It’s great! is tea…but that’s another blog for a later time! :) 

People meet to have a cup of coffee for all sorts of things. One of them is One-on-One discipleship moments. Another time when coffee is used is for large group meetings. I even see people gathering at coffee shops that don’t drink coffee, but just enjoy the atmosphere. So my question then became, “How can Chi Alpha leverage this tool to further the Gospel?” The answer started unfolding over the weeks that followed by having conversations with great people…usually over coffee! ;)  Discipleship is core to Chi Alpha and coffee is a tool that I believe we can use to develop friends and students into the followers of Christ they are destined to be.

Because coffee is also commonly consumed by people all over this nation and around the world, it’s also a tool that can be used for evangelism! I know that this will be a great icebreaker and conversation starter that will create spiritual seed planting moments. I’m so excited just thinking about the ways that missionaries, friends, alumni, and students of Chi Alpha will use our coffee to reach their sphere of influence for Christ!

Great partnerships are crucial to any group or company being successful. They need to have common interests, goals, and ethos. We have found such a partner with Eurasia Coffee & Tea. Their desire to give back to missionaries, projects, and social justice needs is such a natural fit with Chi Alpha. Their desire to engage this generation with the gospel is exactly why we wanted to partner with them. They love our Chi Alpha missionaries, alumni, and students and are excited about being a part of enabling them to Reconcile Students to Christ.

-Brandon Cranor